I think we've all been here before and worse.. 
Step 1 ~ Breath, eat chocolate.
Step 2 ~ Detangle one at a time, eat chocolate
Step 3 ~ Cut wings off of card board box and cut one inch into board. Insert cord, wrap to other end, cut another inch into board and insert end of cord... eat chocolate. YOU DID IT! Now dance and brag to anyone that will listen, You organize your Christmas lights!
Today was B E A utiful day! One of the ways I enjoyed it was by cleaning out the gutters and clearing the branches off of the garage (which has a flat roof). The front of the house went smooth and the leaves and branches in the gutter were "fresh" they seemed to be only from this year. But when I went to do the back of the house gutters I found a very pleasant surprise... compost! The stuff in the gutters had turned into a lovely sweet smelling compost! All of you gardeners out there know what I mean when I say "sweet smelling compost" hu?! It was simply beautiful, I wish my whole garden was that nice! (this is a internet pic, but it was almost this good)

Take way: Nice surprises come is all places and shapes!
This project was filled with satisfaction and frustration, more of the latter then the former. I thought I would be smart and buy the cheapest wheelbarrow I could find and buck the system of buying "new". Well after buying: two cans of spray paint, paint finish, sandpaper, new bolts and nuts (for some of the old ones were stripped and no amount of LimeAway could help) linseed oil and a new tire tube. I am barely able to say I saved any money, but I did receive several bad splinters and get to hear my little girl say "Mom, you need to be more careful!" All said though, I am proud of the job I did every time I use it!

The take away: Next time, calculated the total to "refurbish" first or a $5 "cheap" wheelbarrow will turn into a $45 learning experience.

The garden that was in place when we moved-in was a raised bed, but it was 30ft by 71/2ft. I really wanted to change it so there would be no need to step on the garden soil, so there would be no compacting. I had to remove the railroad ties, which was not as hard as I was anticipating. Thankfully my dad gave me many lessons on how to move heavy objects, so no back pain, ha :) I am planning on making 5 4'x8' raised beds out of 2x10's or a combination of 2x4's, 2x6's and 2x8's to reach the desired height. The bed closest to the garden shed will be a Cold Frame doubling for hardening off seedlings!
You become effective by being selective
Yesterday Mario, Elizabeth, Ramses and myself went and collected some "tree" from a craigslist for firewood. I love craigslist! Mario watched the kids and helped stack the wood while I sawed it. I also finished up sawing ten pallets and several 4x4's that I had collected from before! It is so comforting to see that large pile of firewood just waiting for a cold day! Its like seeing a full pantry, its just comforting! I was able to use the wheelbarrow I just finished refurbishing! 

I LOVE being physically active outside. I often feel cramped up inside because I cannot take Ramses outside too much with the colder weather we have been having, but these last few days have been great!
I have been dreaming of having my very own place to raise our kids, chickens and raised gardens. But now that I am here "overwhelmed" does not even come close to describing how I feel. I have so many people, places, ideals and plans calling for my attention. I have placed several wonderful quotes around the house with topic of being "selective to be successful", focusing and prioritizing but some days, like today I feel like scream at each and every one of those "wise" saying, that I live in the real word and dirty laundry, healthy breakfast, forgotten lunch and slapped together dinner and the kids pulling on my clothes while screaming in my ear don't understand "prioritizing"!